Causes of Mouth Ulcers and Mouth Ulcer Treatments

There are many possible causes for mouth ulcers (also called canker sores), and whilst some of these causes are avoidable, others are not. Discovering the potential cause for your condition may help you find the right mouth ulcer treatment for you. No one definitively knows what causes ulcerations in the mouth, but numerous studies have shown that there are several likely factors.

There is some evidence to suggest that regularly suffering from mouth ulcers is hereditary. Some women experience mouth ulcers during hormonal changes at times of menstruation (periods), pregnancy and / or menopause. Other unavoidable causes include certain medical conditions, including: Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, Beçhet’s disease, reactive arthritis, a weakened immune system, and various viral infections including HSV-1 (the cold sore virus), chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth disease. 

If none of these factors apply to you, then it is likely your mouth ulcer has been caused by one of the following:

In any of these cases, you may be able to reduce your risk of further mouth ulcers by adapting your behaviour and / or food intake.

Mouth ulcers do not normally require any medical treatment or intervention, and usually disappear after 7-14 days, but you may wish to treat the symptoms with a gel / liquid available from your local pharmacy or supermarket. Contact your dentist or GP if the ulcer doesn’t go away after more than 3 weeks or displays signs of growth / infection (becomes more painful and red; you develop a fever or keeps coming back).

Anbesol Adult Strength Gel, for mouth ulcer pain relief. Always read the label. Not for use in infant teething.


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